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How to Care for 14K Gold-Filled Jewelry

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Hi loves! We’re asked so often how to take care of 14K gold-filled jewelry, so we’re sharing all the info you’ll need to keep your gold-filled jewelry looking as good as new for years to come! In terms of quality, we know 14K gold-filled jewelry is second only to solid gold, making it your best choice for gorgeous, gold jewelry that won’t break the bank.
Your 14K gold-filled jewelry can last years and maintain its gorgeous shine with the right care. The longevity of your jewelry is greatly impacted by your lifestyle and the way you treat each of your pieces. Below, we’re sharing tips that will make a huge difference in maintaining the lustrous shine of your jewels.





From the environment to your own sweat, there are chemicals everywhere that, if not removed, can sit on the surface of your jewelry and dull its beautiful shine. Here is a little list of the products and chemicals that can build up and cake onto your jewelry (then we'll talk about how to remove them): 



Perfumes, lotions (especially sunscreens), & sprays can build up on your jewelry, causing them to lose their luster over time. Minimize the buildup by putting your jewelry on after you have applied your products and allowed them to soak in.
Note: If you don't have time to let the products soak in, don't worry, it's not the end of the world!)



Your sweat contains chemicals that can be tough on your jewelry, so it’s best to remove your jewels before working out.


Pools and hot tubs are loaded with chemicals used to kill bacterial, so lets just say they're not the best environment for your beautiful jewels. Do yourself a favor and take your jewelry off before you take a dip. When you’re at the beach, it's also a good idea to remove your jewelry and leave it in your bag before you jump in the ocean.




When you know makeup, lotions, sunscreens, sprays, etc. have built up on your jewels, give them a deep clean sooner rather than later. This will stop the build up from dulling the sparkle of your jewelry. This quick method is so easy and your gorgeous jewels will thank you!



  1. Add some lukewarm water and gentile soap to a bowl. My favorite is Dove!
  2. Allow your jewelry to soak for about a minute. No longer!
  3. With a very soft toothbrush, give your jewelry a gentle scrub, making sure to get into the chain
  4. Rinse your jewelry in lukewarm water to make sure all the soap is off.
  5. Dry your jewels with a soft cloth, making sure they are completely dry. 



Removing our jewelry when you sleep will save your jewelry from being consistently exposed to sweat and oils that can build up.  





This step will be your best friend. It takes no time and makes a huge difference! 



Note: When storing your jewelry, make sure each piece is completely dry.
Always store your jewelry in an airtight container or bag, free of humidity. Because more airflow causes more tarnish, it is best to store your jewels in something airtight. This will ensure your jewelry is not exposed to any humidity that may be in the air. As odd as it may seem, I always store my jewelry in tiny, plastic bags. This keeps them safe from moisture and I know the bags are free of dirt and chemicals inside. Now, I know this may not be the fanciest way to store your jewelry, but it’s the absolute best way to keep your jewels safe and sparkling.



  • Store your jewelry in a small container (or small plastic bag), so it has less room to move around. 
  • Store your jewelry individually, so your pieces don't tangle with each other.
  • Make sure to always close the clasp. This will make a huge difference!
I hope this post was helpful and please let us know if you have absolutely any questions below!



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